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MongoDB has led the field of document databases with its powerful indexing and querying, aggregation, and wide driver support.
Elasticsearch combines the power of a full-text search engine with the indexing strength of a JSON document database, for rich data analysis on large volumes of data.
RethinkDB is a document-based, distributed database with an admin console which lets you browse the data, configure the cluster, and inspect its performance.
Redis is an open-source, blazingly fast, key/value store. On Compose, Redis is pre-tuned for high-availability and locked down with additional security features.
PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database which is highly customizable; with JSON support it's the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds.
Asynchronously route, track, and queue messages between your applications and databases. Customize persistence levels, delivery settings, and publish confirmations.
This key/value store holds the always-correct data you need to coordinate and manage your distributed server cluster.
Hyper-fast, drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra that boasts 1M transactions sec/node. You can use it with your favorite run-times.
JanusGraph is a highly scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying complex, interconnected data in a simple, efficient way.
MySQL is the relational database that's powered some of the biggest websites for 20 years. Recently, the database has added functionality to support JSON datasets.
Looking for something else?
Compose stays on the leading edge of database and datatools. Missing something? Let us know! We're always adding new services to keep our arsenal up to date.

One interface for all your databases

Our intuitive application interface makes it easy to deploy, connect, secure and adjust scaling for all your databases. No more flipping through countless configuration screens and terminal sessions! Everything is available in one place for graceful and intuitive access.


Deploy production-ready databases in minutes to your favorite global data center.

Compose Deployment Interface


A single interface to manage all your data and databases: security, scaling, permissions and more.

Compose Control Interface


Monitor access, deployment status, resource usage and logs on a clean user-friendly interface.

Compose Monitoring Interface

All your bases. Covered.

Host multiple open source databases
Create your own MongoDB, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, RethinkDB, RabbitMQ, ScyllaDB and etcd deployments. Deploy as many as you'd like!
Auto-scale your deployments
Compose auto-scales resources (storage, memory, IOPS) as usage increases - without the need for manual tuning. You're smooth-scaling, even if usage suddenly and unexpectedly spikes.
One intuitive interface
The Compose interface enables your creating and managing of powerful new clusters. We provide an elegant overview of your databases and connect you to third-party services for monitoring and analytics.
Always-on support
You get timely and easy database upgrades and 24/7/365 online support from our responsive, expert Support Engineers at no additional cost. Enhanced support with guaranteed response time and priority ticketing is optional.
Multi-node reliability
Each deployment includes 3 always-on nodes. Experience the relaxing benefit of automatic backups, automatic failover, and automatic scaling. Your app can weather the storms!
Powerful integrations
Third-party integrations to Telegraf, syslog-ng and other services are available out of box through the Compose web interface.
Premier Locations
With Compose, you can deploy to your favorite platforms, including: Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer and Amazon Web Services. We also offer ​Compose Enterprise, so you can host on your own AWS VPS.
Safe & Secure
2-Factor Authentication, Monitored Access, User and Network Access Control, Private VLAN, Encrypted tunnels, SSL, Encrypted disks and backups (AWS and GCP) are all part of our rigid security features.

Pricing that scales with your apps

Compose is a powerful data platform with simple pricing. Deploy Compose on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Platform, and IBM SoftLayer.

All deployments include:

  • 3 host clusters
  • Powerful, reliable set-up of HA
  • Automatic failover and backups
  • Quickly deploy to AWS/GCP/SoftLayer
  • Auto-scaling deployments
  • Pay only for what you use
DeploymentStorage/RAMCostScale Cost
MongoDB1 GB / 204 MB$31.00$18.00 / 1 GB
PostgreSQL1 GB / 102 MB$17.50$12.00 / 1 GB
RethinkDB1 GB / 102 MB$22.50$18.00 / 1 GB
Redis256 MB / -$18.50$13.00 / 256 MB
etcd256 MB / -$28.50$19.50 / 256 MB
RabbitMQ256 MB / -$28.50$19.50 / 256 MB
Elasticsearch2 GB / -$45.00$18.00 / 1 GB
ScyllaDB10 GB / 1.02 MB$189.00$18.00 / 1 GB
MySQL1 GB / 102 MB$27.00$18.00 / 1 GB
JanusGraph5 GB / 510 MB$125.00$31.00 / 1 GB

What people say about Compose

"With Compose, the management offering made life easy… so we went with that… And while it's early days, so far we're happy with our Compose investment."

Ashley Chang |

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"One of the best things we have from Compose is the reliability. We've had no critical incidents or anything that I can recall."

Andras Fincza | Emarsys

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